India wins Independence: Citizen, August 15, 1947

It makes me so happy to be able to say that we have finally reached our independence. August 15th , 1947 we were liberated from British rule. The British have disrespected our culture, exploited us and stolen from us for almost a hundred years. And now we can finally say that we are free! This was not an easy task to accomplish. There were many political organizations, protests and non-violent movements. It took the participation of many people to accomplish this. Citizens came together to support the various movements that the INC leaders worked hard at created. But it was the involvement of one man that really gave India that push it needed. If it wasn’t for him, we most likely would not have an independence day to celebrate. This man is Mohandas Gandhi or “the father of India.” His philosophy of non violence and many satyagrahas made India’s fight for freedom very unique. Many did not think it was possible to achieve independence without war and severe bloodshed. Yes, there was some violence, but nothing as bad as it could have been. I am very proud of my country and what we have done. We did not stop trying when situations got hard. I was imprisoned many times and my family suffered a great deal because of money and food shortages. But we truly believed in the Indian people and in our great leader Gandhi, and we knew that one day we would defeat the British. No one can understand how great it feels to finally say that our great India has an independence day!